Everybody is different and have opposing points of view on not just the best true crime books but life itself, perception is everything, this statement/quote is very true.

Anyway back to the matter at hand what in my opinion are some of the best true crime books, first and foremost i would like to say my opinion was the same, years before meeting and getting to know Johnnyboy Steele his book ‘The bird that never flew’ was and still is my favourite book, indeed it is more of a social commentary and anyone considering a career in social work or childcare services would do well to read this. There are two versions of ‘The bird that never flew’, a hardback and an up-dated paperback, both are riveting reads and have you gripped from the outset.

Incidentally Johnnyboy Steeles favourite is ‘Les Miserables’ a book i have yet to read so i cannot comment on them.

I also love ‘A sense of freedom’ by Jimmy Boyle and this set the bar of which in my opinion Johnnyboy Steele surpassed with ‘The bird that never flew.

Australians ‘Chopper Reids’ books are also very entertaining and dare i say insightful, his observational humour is hilarious, his stories the same, and the question of whether they are true or not can be summed up in Choppers own words of, ‘why let the truth get in the way of a good yarn?’.CHOPPER BOOKS

Johnnies friend ‘Shaun Attwoods’ books are definitely up there with best true crime books, his ‘un-making a murderer’ book is impeccable in its defense of ‘Steven Avery’ and ‘Brendan Dassey’. The framing of these two is a stain on the American justice system.

Shauns other books chronicling his own experiences in the American prison system have numerous positive reviews online and are written by someone who lived and breathed this life for years.SHAUN ATTWOODS BOOKS

It has to be said though there are loads of true crime books out there, many full of untruths and exaggerations written by people who have rubbed shoulders with the books main protagonists briefly or are writing with the aid of press clippings and online research much of which is untrue and not factually correct.

Ultimately in my opinion if that is worth anything will be written by someone who actually knows what they are writing about, they may have lived it and became an expert by experience. Before buying any true crime book, research the author and ask yourself their motivations for writing a book, if it is monetary then in my opinion this leaves the stories open to theatrical licence lets say, if it is being written through a social conscience or to raise awareness then the true story will be there, that said though i may be wrong.

True crime is a subject that fascinates many as this is a world that many do not see and romanticise about. The best true crime books for me tell everything whether it shows the writer up in a bad light or a good light and should never glamourise such a life. Everybody loves the stories of the underdog triumphing my self included, but a bit of research into the writer will always give you an indicator whether it is the truth or lies or infact both mixed.

There are images and links scattered about this page to the cheapest versions of in my opinion the best true crime books. AMAZONS TOP TRUE CRIME BOOKS


Hope you enjoy, Danny





  1. I’ve been meaning to look for another book to read, one of my favorite authors is James Patterson, he’s done some great crime stuff. Branching out, Chopper Reids looks like a good read, that might be my next one. Thanks for pointing out some cool crime books, great post!

    • Hiya Scott, thanks for the comment mate, yes i would agree ‘James Paterson’ is a great author.
      Choppers books are funny mate and i think when you strip away all the press BS he was a good guy, would have loved to have met him.
      If you ever get the chance you should read Johnnys book, hopefully Johnny with Shaun Attwoods help is getting it republished, honestly its brilliant, thanks again Scott, kindest regards, Danny

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