Drug addiction treatment centers

Drug addiction  treatment centers

Prisons worldwide are full of non-violent drug offenders that would never see the inside of a prison if they hadn’t got involved with drugs and would be far better of in a drug addiction treatment centre learning about recovery and its principles.

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Our governments answer to this is to lock these non violent drug offenders up for profit to their privatised prisons in a toxic , violent enviroment which will only serve to alienate the offender more so.

Wouldn’t it be a more sensible approach to house these non-violent drug offenders  in drug addiction treatment centers where they can learn what is causing them to offend and use drugs , or just legalise drugs , but that is for a different debate.

Drug addiction treatment centers for these type of offenders would cut down re-offending and release into society a more stable individual who at the least has an idea of who they are and where they are going in life.

To quote the ex prime minister of the UK Tony Blair,’Prisons for profit are morally repugnant’ , Blair said this approximately a year before opening Scotland’s first private prison HMP Kilmarnock, which in its first few years went on to become the most violent , drug-ridden , corruption filled shithole in the UK, according to the statistics at the time. I can confirm this as i was there as an inmate and was witness to a LOT of shenanigans to say the least.

Until the world wakes up and realises that very powerful and rich people are profiting from the imprisonment of our son’s,daughters. brothers,sisters and friends it will not end. Most prisoners need help not to be locked up 23hrs a day and  fed slop’s as some of the’ hang’em and flog’em brigade’ would have happen.

I wonder if they  would be as quick to condemn if it was a son or daughter of theirs that was locked up ? Would Sheriff Joe Arpaio be comfy with his kids in his tent city?

Shaun Attwood writes and talks about this topic at length here are some links,


https://jonsjailjournal.blogspot.com   /2009/11/sheriff-joe-arpaios-tent-city-part-6-by.html

This article was written by Danny Cafferkey for johnnyboysteele.com

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  1. This should happen but never will as to much money involved,sad but true.

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