Educate the kids

I belive that if in my youth i was educated in the impact crime and punishment would have on my life i would have chosen possibly to make a few different decisions. You cant turn the clock back though , its impossible , so it makes that subject a mote point.

Also in discussion with friends who have battled addictions throughout their lives they also are of the opinion that if they were made aware at a young age the damage drugs and addiction can do they also would have made different choices.

Educating our kids on the pit falls  of crime, prison drugs etc could possibly save them from going down the road that so many have gone before and havent returned.

Educating them in a real way , with real stories from real people would have an impact that may keep them from making some crazy , fucked up decision that will have repurcussions in their life for years.

Schools and colleges should actively encourage speakers on these subjects to inform the kids as i said of the dangers these lifestyles hold, not to glamorise but make them think, talk and debate.

I will be dedicating a page on this site solely to this subject with an active comments section for people to engage and discuss this subject.

Anyway have a good one, JS


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