Innocent in Prison


There are people in prison all over the world serving both very long and short-term sentences for crimes that they did not commit.

They have been set up and framed by corrupt police forces colluding with equally corrupt justice systems to frame the innocent for their own twisted agendas what ever that may be.

In America we have ‘Steven Avery’ and his nephew ‘Brendan Dassey’ so obviously framed by corrupt police and judicary. Netflix have done a wonderful job highlighting this tragic miscarriage of justice and there are several books that can be read on the subject, the most recent being Shaun Attwoods ‘Unmaking a murderer’.

Closer to home the tragic case of the so called ‘Glasgow Ice Cream Wars’ saw Johnnies brother Joe and cousin Tommy ‘TC’ Campbell framed and imprisoned for the murders of 6 innocent people, one of which was a 6 month old baby.

The ‘Ice cream wars’ were supposedly about control of the drugs trade, drugs were supposedly being sold from ice cream vans, but this was a total fabrication by the media. There were enough profits to be made from the sale of ice cream and other products due to the fact the town planners in their wisdom had forgot to build shops to serve the sprawling new housing estates, any ‘ice cream war’ was about control of the most lucrative runs.

The extreme lengths that both Joe and Tommy had to go to in order to highlight their innocence is testament to both mens spirit and sense of wrong doing.

Both these men and the Doyle family were robbed of justice by a system that knew they were innocent, indeed the police told Joe Steele they knew this but didn’t care. Many deals were put on the table by the police asking both Tommy and Joe to provide verbal statements to frame others who were their co-accused at the time, inevitably on their refusal to do so the same tactics were employed on others to provide statements to frame Joe and Tommy.


After the farse that was supposed to be a  trial Tommy and Joe then found themselves ‘Innocent in prison’, this is where the real battle began, trying to prove their innocence.

Joe chose to escape whenever he had the chance, climbing on to the roof of his mothers home whilst on a home visit attracting the attention of the whole of Garthamlock and further afield as well as the national media.

He then proceeded to London where he glued himself to Buckingham Palace gates gaining both national and international attention for his plight.

The most outlandish of all of Joe’s escapes he was assisted by our own Johnnyboy Steele, his older brother.

Johnny and a friend attended Saughton prison and cut a whole in the fence adjacent to the football pitch where Joe would be that evening.

Johnny and his friend positioned themselves in a wood not far away from the prison with binoculars to observe when an alarm went off.

On the insistence of his companion both Johnny and him went to investigate only to find it was the prison officers social club alarm that had been tripped. They then returned to their observational vantage point and watched not 1 prisoner escaping but 4, none of them Joe !

They decided to return home and on their journey back picked up a few of the escapees who informed them that Joe had indeed escaped,  10 mins before any of them.

This turned out to be the biggest escape in Scottish penal history and i believe that still is the case today.

The police never caught up with Joe after this escape, infact  Johnnyboy came up with the idea of breaking him back into prison but due to Joe’s health the best that could be done was to climb the pylon outside Barlinnie prison in Glasgow giving himself up and putting more media attention on the case.

Tommy ‘TC’ Campbell on the other hand fought his battles from within the prison estate.

TC spent a number of years in solitary confinement where  he was denied his legal right to write to and receive correspondence from his lawyer. Letters were not arriving and other sorts of skull duggery and shenanigans from a prison system and officers who ultimately had nothing to do with the case.

On one occasion they beat Tommy so bad he was dead on arrival at hospital, he had a ruptured spleen and other injuries. It got so bad for TC with regard his legal correspondence and mail that he had to go on hunger strike to be admitted to hospital to receive his mail that enabled him to fight a conviction he was innocent off.

On March 17th 2004 after many years of fighting both men got their convictions quashed at Edinburgh High court of appeal, but at what cost? The psychological damage inflicted on these men by a system that knew they were innocent is unforgivable.

The Doyles will never see justice, Tommy Campbell is now sadly dead and as for Joe he carries a heavy burden every day, that said though the fact Joe Steele is still alive with his wife and kids and of sound mind is testament to this mans character and more power to him.

Today in 2019 there are still several cases in the Scottish Justice system with severe doubts over the convictions, one of which, Luke Mitchell/Jody Jones case was highlighted by Joe Steele on the James English ‘Anything goes podcast’.

James English has went on to interview criminologist ‘Sandra Lean’ who has an in-depth knowledge of the case and believes in Luke’s innocence, as well as ‘Terry Mullins’ the worlds leading expert on lie detectors who also believes in Mitchells innocence.

Jodi Jones was a 14 year old school girl who’s murder took place in Easthouses, Scotland on 30 June 2003. Her then 15-year-old boyfriend, Luke Mitchell, came under suspicion, but it was several months before he was arrested. Mitchell was tried for the murder and after Scotland’s longest single-accused trial, Mitchell was convicted in January 2005. He was sentenced to detention without limit of time with a minimum of 20 years even though there was no DNA evidence.

Luke Mitchell could in theory be free today if he would only admit his guilt but refuses to do so, also all through his incarceration Mitchell has refused ‘protection’ choosing instead to be housed with the mainstream of the prison.

Luke Mitchell refuses to admit guilt/The Scotsman

There are a number of theories surrounding this tragedy one of them being covered by the BBC’S  Frontline Scotland.

May 2007 saw a documentary special aired on BBC1 which explored a theory which somehow was not followed up by police during the initial investigation. It implied that the murder may have been committed not by Mitchell, but by a student and heavy drug user who was alleged to have handed in an essay about killing a girl in the woods a few weeks before the murder. A friend of this suspect saw him soon after the murder and claimed that he was heavily scratched about the face. The documentary also challenged the theory that Mitchell was an obsessive Marilyn Manson fan and had a keen interest in the Black Dahlia murder. Indeed the prosecution even used Luke’s ownership of an Nirvana tee shirt to somehow point to a fixation with the occult. The documentary also stated that there is no evidence that Mitchell knew of the Dahlia case until after the murder. 

There is loads more content online highlighting Luke Mitchell’s plight and whether you choose to believe in his innocence or guilt that is up to you, but before you believe the  headlines of the time read the facts.

Luke Mitchell languishes in a Scottish prison convicted of a crime that it looks like he didn’t commit, he refuses to admit his guilt despite having nearly being incarcerated for nearly two decades.

Luke Mitchell was tried by media, his mothers business systematically destroyed by locals hell bent on some twisted revenge on a now man and lady that is most likelyinnocent, i think the least the powers that be should do is give the guy a re-trial, ultimately though the damage is done and if Mitchell is indeed innocent, the 15 year old child that entered the system will now most likely be psychologically damaged to an extent that would take years to fix.

If Luke is innocent who will be held accountable for this travesty inflicted upon both him and the Jones family ?

If we look to the past and Joe and Tommy’s case most likely no-one, sadly corruption abounds in our system and convictions and careers matter more than peoples lives, i leave it up to you to decide.


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