Jimmy Boyle

Jimmy Boyle is probably the most recognisable name amongst the many success stories that came out of the work in the Barlinnie special unit.

Jimmy was a product of the Gorbals slums and was imprisoned for life for the murder of another criminal ‘Babs Rooney’.

Whilst in the special unit he wrote his biography ‘A sense of freedom’ which went on to be made into a film of the same name, starring Scots actor David Hayman.He also married Sarah Trevelyan, a psychiatrist who had visited him in prison by way of a mutual friend – not as Boyle’s psychiatrist, as it is often wrongly suggested – and with whom he has two children, Suzi and Kydd.(left)

Upon his release from prison on 26 October 1981 he moved to Edinburgh to continue his artistic career. He designed the largest concrete sculpture in Europe called “Gulliver” for the Craigmillar Festival Society in 1976.

Jimmy now lives in the South of France with his second wife Kate Fenwick   a British actress. They married in Marrakech, Morocco on 27 October 2007.