Johnnyboy Steele saying it like it is………

I hit Johnny up on FB messenger to tell him about an interview with http://insidetime.org and he got back to me with this gem, ” Inside time seems a very interesting news read Danny. It certainly covers a thousand acres of our prison system which is in dire- need of a major overhaul. In many aspects we are way behind times and it is highly unlikely that we will seriously move forward to a more liberal and Humanitarian regime as long as we have a extraordinary league of Die hard MPs and their legislative companions. Time to BLOW a hole in the prison system and expose the inhumane and witless persecution! MPs should be held accountable for the well-being of their constituents, prison bosses should be held accountable by the TAXPAYER . Prisoners should be held accountable for their own “actions”,but also be allowed to live within the prison compound free of mental “restraint.” A judge passes down a prison sentence, the prison authorities take it upon themselves to inflict an invisible and unbearable- and most times unrepairable -psychological torture. This may not be by choice, it is prison rules and regulations that condone this “mans inhumanity to man. If we,the prisoners, are being held to account for our crimes, who in the name of Humanity- other than God- will “Indict” a society?

Well said Johnny!!!!



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