Prison in Scotland in 2019

For this post i have asked my friend Danny to give us his opinion on our prison system today as he has more experience within todays prison system than i, anyway over to Danny.

Hiya folks , first of all i would like to thank Johnny for this platform to put this message across that contrary to what the papers and press would have the public beleive our modern system is not the easy time that is so often portrayed in the press.

I am writing from a viewpoint of someone who has experienced the ” slopping out” era as well as the introduction of a more liberal approach with the introduction of televisions and the likes.

At the time of writing our tax payers arent getting value for money spent , there is very little rehabilitation aimed work being done in our prisons and the only agencies making inroads within the rehabilitation field are private charities.

It is widely written that prisoners on reception gain access to x boxes and playstations , this is a total fabrication , prisoners can only access these if they engage for a prolonged period of time and then only if their family can access a model with no wifi port that is PAT tested.

All over Britain our prisons are flooded with so called legal high , which is sprayed on writing paper , allowed to dry before being written upon and sent to a prisoner making it nearly impossible to catch. The smoking of this makes our prisons highly dangerous both for staff and prisoners alike.

Much can be written about the state of our prisons and the merry go round that they become for many, it is common place for youngsters brought up in a care system to graduate to adult prisons and ultimately very few ever escape this lifestyle.

We need to look toward Sweden and similar countries and adopt their prison model ,they are shutting prisons down and have very low reoffending rates , sadly though here in Britain like America prisons are a business and prisoners seen as assetts , it is morally repugnant that people profit from imprisonment of others and you have to ask yourself some times who the real criminals are, anyway i leave that up to you to decide.



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  2. Hello Danny,

    In our modern times and with a moral society, if it is truly interested in helping people that go to prison become PRODUCTIVE members of society as they claim, then their main objective would be to help these individuals in whatever way possible. Honestly we need to decide in each country in the west that the time has come to change our thinking of what prisons are for and act upon it.

    As you mentioned Sweden for example has a low repeat offender rate. Isn’t there a country around there that prisoners can live in a house, go to work and report back in the evening? Crazy to think about coming from a North American perspective.

    It is ALL a choice. How prisons are run. How we take care of the sick. How we educate our children. If we do any of them at all. Some parts of the world, their governments are run by a few in power who care not for how their population is experiencing life. Care not if they get the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and begin anew. 

    Now maybe there needs to be a decision on what types of crime do not warrant a second chance. But there needs to be an honest debate. Each day that goes by I have less faith in our current political structure. If you would have asked me 10 or 15 years ago I would have had a much brighter view although a still frustrated one.

    You may or may not know coming Scotland that the first prisons were used in England I believe it was to hold people before they went on trial. I believe they had to secure all their necessities from the outside as none was provided to them by the Crown. I read something about this one time so please do not get upset or quote me on it.

    Thanks for posting,

    Very interesting read,

    Proud papa of two,


    • Thank you for your comment Jody and i totally agree with you , my friend Johnny and many others suffered greatly under a harsh regime in Peterhead prison in Scotland, this didnt make them into productive members of society infact the opposite was true.

      It was only after the  intervention of the Barlinnie special unit where rehabilitation through the arts was at the centre some of the most violent uncontrollable prisoners in the system did infact  rehabilitate.

      I have included a link to a podcast with Johnny and Shaun Attwood where he talks about the extreme conditions.

  3. Hi John, it’s interesting that you are helping people who suffer in and out of prisons. I’ve heard that Sweden has low crime rate, which in turn lower the reoffending rate. Is it because they have imposed high moral education since elementary schools? Aside from Europe and American, do you have comment about general prison system in Asia? In my country, people have no fear when go into jail, especially for the riches. They can just buy ‘freedom’ whenever they want and come back to jail for press need. Sigh.

    • Hiya Alblue, thank you for the comment and question,  i  think the answer to your question is simply “corruption”  is rife in many parts of the world and sadly yes if you have money you can buy your freedom or atleast an easier time. 

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