Prison system today

I am often asked what i think of the prison system today? Do i think prisoners have it easy with the introduction of televisions and a more relaxed regime?

I personally havent been incarcerated for over 20 or so years , so ultimately i do not know what it is like to be a prisoner in 2019 but talking to others who have been inside recently i have came to the conclusion that material things do not matter , you are in prison away from your family and the rest of society that is the punishment part.

Rehabilitation has to be the focus and i feel there is very little of this , especially for prisoners incarcerated for the short term. Lots of young men and women are caught in cycle and are basically doing a life sentence in instalments, they are liberated to a hostel setting , surrounded by negativity and before long they find themselves back in prison where they cannot see a way out of there predicament.

I feel that to give the tax payer value for money we need to look at ways to inspire change in offenders and other ways to both punish and rehabilitate , with the onus being on rehabilitation.



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