Rehabilitation in prison

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Rehabilitation in prison , or prisoners being rehabilitated in prison should be what the UK tax payers are getting for their buck but from personal experience and observations this is sadly not true.

Rehabilitation in prison for short term prisoners is non existent and for the most , men and women are liberated from prison homeless to a hostel or to sofa surf in family and friends houses, this is a sad and tragic fact.

Prison officers up and down the country see the same old inmate faces month after month , year after year.

Imprisoning someone for the short term has no rehabilitive use , it only serves to punish , and if a society is driven by the notion that the sole purpose of prison is to punish what does that say about us?

Dystoesky writes, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”

If anyone enters our prisons they will be witness to corruption , violence and widespread drug taking .

A large number of inmates take legal high rendering them zombie like as this substance is physco-active as well as very dangerous when ingested. These facts make our prisons highly dangerous and unpredictable places both for staff and inmates alike.

Surely the whole-point of prison should be some sort of rehabilitation and to put those of us who have gone astray back on a more conventional course. The class of prisoner i am talking about are short term petty offenders who find themselves on a hamster wheel of sorts, they get into a pattern, offending,homelessness, prison, and so on and so forth.

Rehabilitation through the arts

Most of these inmates began their prison life as low  level drug offenders who would have been more suited to a drug rehabilitation centre of sorts, not a drug ridden mental hospital which many of our prisons are, do not be kidded.

Prison officers are expected to deal with mentally ill inmates who shouldn’t  be in prison. The courts and our system are failing lots of mentally ill people who are only made worse and by being put into such a toxic environment before being released back into society.

The full system from the way reports are compiled to the powers judges have in dealing with such offenders. Every week i read about paedophiles and sex offenders being set free to take part in some course, but serial shoplifters are imprisoned daily.

The system is corrupt and with more prisons for profit being built i only fear it will get worse, although i really hope i am wrong.

The people being imprisoned are somebody’s  sons and daughters as well as friends. Very powerful people are making billions of pounds out of an industry that to me personally is paramount to slavery, i will leave links at the bottom of the post if you would like to read further on the subject and please feel free to comment.

Anyway, rehabilitation in prison, it does it exist in our prisons but it is more long-term inmates who benefit through this, not the short-term inmates discussed.

More throughcare services such as ‘Catalyst’ in Kilmarnock who run a rehabilitation programme focused on the arts for inmates such as these need rolled out in a national even international basis and give people a chance to find out who they are as people and where they are going in life and what they want to do.

After all this isn’t a dress rehersal!!

This post was written for johnnyboysteele.com by Danny Cafferkey

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