Rehabilitation through the arts

The work done in the Barlinnie special unit and other similar projects proves to me personally that rehabilitation through the arts works and any government with a glimmer of humanity in its policy on prisons would see this also and put into practice what other countries have implemented and proved that this approach works.

Much has to be said about the concept of rehabilitation through the arts, someone who finds they have a talent in the music fields many areas self-esteem will greatly improve, indeed someone finding out they have a talent for any of the arts the same can be said.

Hugh Collins

The arts  forces us to look inside ourselves and then through the medium of the arts in whatever form brings it forth onto paper, song or verse and even stone, when we sculpte.

The arts as a whole has the power to change individuales radically and people who were once very violent and hostile people change into an almost unrecognisable version of themselves, indeed i feel and would agree that the true self comes to the fore.

This is a short video of Johnny  in the Barlinnie special unit working on his sculpture ‘The Burden of the Poll Tax’.

The ‘Poll Tax’ was a tax introduced by the tory government of the early 90’s and was rolled out in Scotland first and was grossly unfair. Politican Tommy Sheridan and his team of Actvists took the sculpture and it sat in George Square in Glasgow for a week or so before being returned to the ‘Barlinnie Special Unit’. You can read more about the poll tax and the political storm that surrounded it in the following link.

Jimmy Boyle

Prison poems and Prison songs

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  1. Living in the hellish conditions and situations is always disheartening. The prison is a place where a person is expected to be kept for reflection and rehabilitation before being returned to an environment of sane. Art is life and it could be used to depict just anything by the artist. Engaging art to preach the message of rehabilitation is great as it helps to attract and maintain concentrations from audience to figure it out. As its known that images could stick a lifetime than words and orally spoken ideas. The video does present a shabby looking place but I could still see some arts on the wall. Thanks

  2. oh … there’s no content! 🙁

    But I was keen to learn more about the subject.  I think the notion of rehabilitation through art works is brilliant!  I would love to read more about it.  Does it work?  What are the case studies?  What work of arts have the greatest impact?

    Will bookmark your page to keep an eye out for more information.

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