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Believe it or not some of the most funny, engaging comedians lets say, i have come across, i have come across in prison.

The general public may think that prisons are bereft of laughter and such like due to the predicament of the inmates but it is my experience that the opposite is true. It is not a dis-tasteful humour neither, laughing at victims of crime, it is more a case of laughing at and with each other and it does have therapeutic values to it also.

Having the ability to laugh and find humour in your situation however messed up it maybe shows a maturity of sorts, and it could be construed  as admitting your wrong doings and be seen as you getting on the road to fixing whatever character flaws made you offend in the first place.

As i said some of the most natural raconteurs i have ever heard have been in prison and the observational type of humour that they possess is hilarious to say the least, our own ‘Johnnyboy Steele’ is one of these gifted observationalists and story tellers.

Indeed the humour you find in prison adds weight to the old saying ‘ if you couldn’t laugh you would cry’ and is testament to human spirits ability to endure and overcome. Laughter is certainly the best medicine in a lot of cases, that and positive thinking.

More can be read about the importance of laughter at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329268691_Laughter_in_Stories_of_Crime_and_Tragedy_The_Importance_of_Humor_for_Marginalized_Populations


Changing your thinking and thought patterns is easier said than done, i know this from a personal point of view and still struggle daily on this level.

One of my coping mechanisms that helps me deal with this, is to remind myself that the negative thought is just that, a thought. It is when said thought becomes an action this is when the problems begin.

A handy and useful analogy i was once told to use is quite good. That is to think of your mind as a bus stop and thoughts as buses. Some of these thoughts will be negative, therefore they are the wrong buses to board, and some of them will be good positive thoughts with positive impacts, making them the right bus to board.

As i said changing your thought pattern and mindset can be a hard process, especially for those being released from prison having been locked up for years, in a daily routine where most of your thinking is done for you. Or those in active addiction where the brain is trained to think the need for drugs, drink, sex or whatever supercedes the need to look after ones self or dependants.

We have to get ourselves to the stage where we want to change our reality and make a better future for ourselves. By doing this in the positive sense we ensure any input we have into our loved ones lives and community is for good.

MORE HELP CAN BE FOUND HERE https://mrsmindfulness.com/the-four-keys-to-overcoming-negative-thinkingfor-good/


They say character wise you are a mix of your 5 best friends, if you have that many!!lol? So it stands to reason that if you surround yourself with gangsters, you will become a gangster. If you surround yourself with addicts, you will become an addict. Do you see where i’m going with this ? So it makes sense to say that if you surround yourself with sane rational people with a positive outlook in life, chances are you will have the same attitude.

MORE CAN BE READ HERE https://www.recoveringfromrecovery.com/stick-winners/


Honestly this so called class system we are born into makes me so angry. Who do these Etonian educated fools think they are. The most anger-some part of this illusion is that a lot of people buy into it. You, i or anyone for that matter, is any better or worse than the next person. The class system needs smashed apart and this view of upper, middle and lower classes. It is arrogant at its best and downright horrible at its worst, to tell another human that they are somehow lower than you is delusional.

Whatever messed up choices you have made in your life, or choices that were made for you as a kid are done. They are in the past stop dredging them up or you will carry a burden all your days. YOU ARE A ONE OFF, YOUR A GIFT, BELIEVE IT.


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