The Arts in prison

The Arts in Prison

I just finished reading an article in the Times i believe, which was based around assuring the right wing masses that encouraging the arts in prison, which subsequently provides ‘Rehabilitation through the arts’ is not ‘Treats for cheats’.

The fact that this article was written in this context shows how narrow minded some people are, everyone deserves a chance, some even more than one.

Encouraging The arts in prison will only help to release back into society a person with some sort of idea of who they are when all the masks are stripped away, no negativity can come out of such activities for inmates.

History tell’s us and indeed shows us the effects of a harsh regime and ‘hang ’em’ and flog em’ type policy, you don’t release balanced rehabilitated people back into mainstream society. If anything it accelerates the problem of repeat re-offending and makes the offender more bitter and resentful to a system that for many has been tossing them from pillar to post since childhood.

History also tells us that rehabilitation through the arts works, the ‘Barlinnie special unit’ and other similar projects were successful as well as other projects in prisons up and down the country and throughout the world actually working.

I only have to point to Holland and Sweden and their example, Prisons are actually closing in these countries, so instead of taking on the American model of mass incarceration why can’t we follow the models that actually work with regard ‘Rehabilitation’.

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