Theatre in prison

Theatre in prison

The following video is a play written and performed by the cons of Barlinnie prison in Glasgow, with the help of the Citizens theatre.

How the days have changed from the riots of the 80’s and the influence of the Barlinnie special unit can most certainly be seen. Indeed Johnny remembers actually working with the Citizens theatre within the Barlinnie special unit and is quick to commend the invaluable work they do throughout Scotland.

Theatre in prison and the arts as a whole are invaluable in there potential to inspire change in men and women that feel they have no hope as well as no future. This has been proven time and time again all over the world in different settings, indeed if the powers that be truly wanted to turn around the justice system in their respective countries we need only point to countries such as Sweden, Norway……….the list goes on. These countries have put humanity and the arts at the heart of there prison reform bills and guess what, it’s working.

British Prison VS Norwegian Prison



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